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How to Assemble Furniture

We take great pride in offering top-notch services to the locals of Geneva, Lausanne, and the nearby France region. Because we don't give up until the project is done and you're satisfied, our clients adore working with us. To find out more about what we have to offer furniture assembly, scroll down. Are you looking for Local Professional Handyman Services?

Floor Installation
  • Your hunt is over because #HiremyHusband offers expert handyman and home repair services backed by a right guarantee. From getting your home move-in ready by painting and decorating to installing lighting, blinds, Flat-screen TVs, furniture assembly, and even consulting and interior design that will help you turn your inspiration into reality, Mike and his team of professionals can handle everything from carpentry, plumbing, and electrical to getting your home move-in ready.

  • Everyone is aware of the difficulties in renting an apartment when there are restrictions on making floor holes, so how can you create a strong wall separation? With HMH, there are no boundaries! We have created precisely that! We constantly plan ahead by using a unique design that is strong, soundproof, and temperature resistant as well as having washable walls so that children can be creative while remaining easily cleanable. 

Provided Services

  • Display artwork, mirrors, curtain rods, and blinds.

  • Wall-mount flat-screen TVs

  • Set up bathroom accessories

  • IKEA and Fly Conforama furniture assembly instructions (etc)

  • securing objects to a wall

  • Install kitchen cabinetry.

  • Flooring

Linoleum Coating
hmh interior.jpg

Look no further if you want trustworthy, high-quality assistance from specialists who will take good care of your house at a reasonable cost! I'm pleased to report that we can handle any odd projects you can't or don't have time for, including house repairs, plumbing, electrical work, decorating, interior design, and other odd jobs.

In addition to offering the best solutions for your electrical issues and problems, HIREMYHUSBAND also offers you the most affordable prices to ensure that the bill is affordable and prevents the installation or repair of electrical gantry from becoming a financial burden on you. Not only that, but when you use our first-rate services, you will be welcomed by our courteous staff members, good old boys from your beloved neighborhood, who will provide you with top-notch service of any kind needed to solve your problems right away.


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